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Executive Presence: Wine and Fine Dining Etiquette Coaching

Polish Your Professional Image: Our specialized sessions focus on wine and fine dining etiquette, tailored to build an executive presence. Master the art of selecting the perfect wine, navigate complex menus with ease, and acquire impeccable table manners. Whether you are hosting a high-stakes business dinner or attending a corporate event, our coaching equips you with the confidence to leave a lasting impression.

Hospitality Staff Training: Workshops for Excellence

Excellence in Service: Elevate your establishment’s reputation with our custom training workshops for hospitality staff. From sommelier-level wine knowledge to impeccable service techniques, our workshops cover it all. Equip your team with the skills they need to deliver exceptional experiences to your guests. Our training ensures seamless wine service, polished table service, and exceptional guest experiences.

Wine and Fine-Dining Experiences/Team Building and Confidence-Boosting Events:

Building Bonds, One Sip at a Time: Our wine and fine dining events are carefully curated to foster teamwork, boost confidence, and add a touch of sophistication to your corporate culture. Whether it is a team-building activity, client appreciation event, or fun celebration, our experiences blend wine education and the joy of socializing. Through interactive wine tastings, culinary adventures, and gourmet delights, your team will bond, learn, and have fun in a memorable setting.

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At Etiquette Uncorked, we mix knowledge with fun to provide an amazing learning opportunity. You can trust that every training session, workshop, and event we offer is top-notch.

Our interactive sessions are enjoyable and engaging. Investing in our services will improve your skills, boost professionalism, and make lasting memories for your team and clients.

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