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Executive Presence:
Wine & Fine Dining Etiquette Coaching

Polish Your Professional Image: Our specialized sessions teach you what should have been included in business school: wine and fine dining etiquette, tailored to build confidence and build an executive presence. Master the art of selecting the perfect wine, navigate complex menus with ease, and acquire impeccable table manners. Whether you are hosting a high-stakes business dinner or attending a corporate event, our coaching equips you with the confidence to leave a lasting impression.

Hospitality & Yacht Staff Training: Workshops for Excellence

Excellence in Service: Elevate your establishment’s reputation and perfect the sequence of service with our custom training workshops for hospitality staff and yacht crew.. From sommelier-level wine knowledge to impeccable service techniques, our workshops cover it all. Be equipped with the skills needed to deliver exceptional experiences to your guests. Our training ensures seamless wine service, polished table service, and exceptional guest experiences.

Team Building & Social Events:
Wine & Fine Dining Experiences

Building Bonds, One Sip at a Time: Our fun wine and fine dining events are carefully curated to foster teamwork, boost confidence, and add a touch of sophistication to your corporate culture. Whether it's team-building activities, client appreciation events, or celebrations, our experiences blend wine education and the joy of socializing. Through interactive wine tastings, culinary adventures, and gourmet delights, learn, and have fun in a memorable setting.


With decades of experience in the world of yachting and a passion for wine, etiquette, and excellence, Alene is the go-to professional to elevate your skills and enhance your success.

Alene’s deep understanding of Luxury Hospitality provides insights and training that align with the elevated standards of the yachting world, including attention to detail, impeccable service, and refined experiences. Her unique perspective and set of skills position her as a trusted resource to help navigate the complexities of executive-level engagements. fostering growth and success in the business world. 

yachts portofino

Books by Alene.

The Yacht Guru’s Bible” is an indispensable guidebook tailored for yacht crews, high-end hospitality teams, and enthusiasts curious about the world of megayachts. It offers a comprehensive insight into the intricate workings of life onboard these vessels. From protocols and etiquette to the art of exceptional guest service, Keenan’s expertise shines through as she navigates readers through the unique challenges and expectations of the yachting world. Packed with practical advice and insider tips, learn about the behind-the scenes intricacies of these floating palaces. 

Wine Anxiety: From Confused to Confident is your essential companion in the world of wine, offering a straightforward approach to demystifying the complexities often associated with choosing and buying wines. In this concise guide, readers journey from uncertainty to confidence, transforming a once-stressful experience into one of enjoyment. This book simplifies the intricacies of the wine industry by defining and explaining commonly used terms, providing readers with a solid foundation to expand their knowledge and understanding of wines. Whether you’re a novice, wine enthusiast, or simply seeking to enhance your wine expertise, this quick read empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the world of wine with pleasure.


This information on proper wine etiquette would be valuable to:

  • Wine enthusiasts
  • Hospitality professionals
  • Business professionals interested in making a positive impression and building relationships.
  • Hospitality and culinary students preparing for careers in the food and beverage industry.
  • Anyone underage who cannot legally consume alcohol but still needs to learn about it for work.
  • Anyone who does not drink alcohol but needs to understand it for their work or social skills.
  • Anyone with dietary restrictions or allergies that prevent them from enjoying wine or certain types of cuisine, but who wish to know more about it.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about wine and food pairing.
  • Wine tourism guides and winery staff
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their experience at wine festivals, charity galas, and formal ceremonies.
  • Anyone concerned about navigating wine-related interactions with confidence and grace.

Overall, anyone who appreciates wine and wants to enhance their knowledge and enjoyment of wine-related experiences can benefit from understanding and practicing proper wine etiquette.


This type of wine and fine dining training and events may NOT be suitable for individuals or groups who:

·        Are not interested in or do not want to understand the nuances of wine tasting, food pairing, and fine dining etiquette.

·        Are seeking purely academic or technical training in wine production or sommelier certification, which may require a different focus and level of expertise.

·        Are not interested in socializing or networking in a formal or semi-formal setting typically associated with wine and fine dining events.


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